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We specialize in the development of flexible assembly automation systems — from manual workstations to fully-automated, turnkey assembly lines. Our solutions enable you to improve efficiency and profitability while continually increasing the quality of your products and processes.

Whether you’re creating a single workstation or in need of developing a comprehensive automated assembly system, our technology and capabilities deliver on the latest in robotics, design, and engineering.

Our customers benefit by getting the ideal level of modularity and flexibility in their assembly automation system project. Our solutions are highly adaptable for wherever you are in the lifecycle of your product development and organizational growth.


Assembly Systems

Stand Alone Machines | Flexible Machines | Rotary Dial Machines | End of Line Testers | Vision Systems | Robotic Integration

Automation systems range from small self-contained units operating in a number of industries and applications to highly interdependent full-scale work cells spread across the factory floor. Our specialty is designing systems that help you solve an important challenge whether it be tied to cost reduction, quality improvement or overall efficiency and production maximization.

The key to our repeated success is in how we approach and understand your specific needs for automation. From here we determine how this is best achieved within your business constraints including budget and timing.

Developing a custom automation system requires a diverse set of skills implemented in a carefully considered process. Our process includes these key phases:

  1. Definition and Planning
  2. Procurement, Fabrication and Assembly
  3. Integration and Testing
  4. Delivery and Testing
  5. Ongoing support and maintenance


Controls Engineering & Electrical

Allen Bradley | Siemens | Omron | G.E. | Mitsubishi

Control systems are the heart of any assembly machine. We understand the importance of this element of your project. Our expertise delivers whether your project is manually operated without measurement to those that are fully monitored without operator involvement.

The sophistication of control technology has grown. We’ve grown our expertise and capabilities along with it.

As experts, we evaluate the needs of the system and customer then we recommend the best way to build your system for the long-term and for the best control for the specific process.


Envisioning The Future

Solidworks | CAD to CAM | In-house Data Conversion Software

Key to your success are the highly skilled and experienced team of design engineers on our team. With our extensive experience working across various manufacturing industries – we’re able to conceptualize your project; creating the best possible solution to reach your goals. We have extensive experience in the Automotive, Plastics, Medical and Appliance industries and are experts at prototyping and machining.


Planning for Successful Outcomes

Our program management works as a single point of contact to ensure all key milestones are being met, prevent miscommunication and work to understand your product and expectations.


We start by understanding the end goal. What’s your budget and when do you need it? Knowing these critical criteria allows us to ask the important questions and accurately specify scope and plan your project.

Keeping your project on track is the main goal of your assigned Program Manager. This role serves as the expert in our technology and on your project, ensuring the many details are understood and addressed as needed.

Throughout the project and beyond, we make sure you have access to the necessary team members. This ensures your questions are answered and your confidence in the delivery of the best possible solution is assured.


 Service is the Key

Our service department is dedicated to working swiftly and diligently to provide the support expected when you work with the TMI team. With the ever-increasing demand for Just-in-Time production, we understand your need to run production, and we will be there to support you whenever called upon.


The Right Tech at the Right Time

We’re Experts in Assembly Automation and Machining.

Our commitment to you is delivering a successful, transformative project. We’re in it for the long-term.